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about 9 hours ago in News

smo commented on "Pep Guardiola Set To Spend £110m On 4 Top Targets?"


I hope the story about alves is not true. To me the guy is passed his best. Plus he's too old..

about 18 hours ago in News

smo commented on "Luis Figo: Cristiano Ronaldo Is Replaceable At Real Madrid"


Not irreplaceable in terms of someone playing in their positions but messi n cr7's numbers will never be reached in this lifetime, so figo should say..

2 days ago in FanParkUpdate

smo commented on "Higuain's Weight Questioned Again!"


Never mind the weight, this guy can miss clear cut chances like nobody's business. In big games nogal..

2 days ago in News

smo commented on "Best & Worst: SuperSport v Pirates"


Pirates is useless, yho!! All this time to prepare for this game n this what they come up with? We supporters hv long seen that makola n matlaba, for example, r taking us nowhere but the coach keeps fielding them. Now m beginning to doubt if the tech team will take us anywhere..

3 days ago in News

smo commented on "Bongani Zungu Says He's Enjoying Himself At Guimaraes"


U try so hard to create stories neh ed..

6 days ago in News

smo commented on "Revealed: What Cristiano Ronaldo Told Sergio Ramos"


Whether the whole story of cr7 is true or not, Madrid supporters treat him badly n booing him is good euf reason for him to want leave..

8 days ago in News

smo commented on "Reports: Why FC Barcelona Want Cristiano Ronaldo To Stay At Real Madrid"


Hogwash, to say the least..

12 days ago in News

smo commented on "The Top 12 Goalscorers In All Competitions"


Suarez n neynar r in wrong yeam

15 days ago in SupporterClubUpdate

smo commented on "'Critics Who Were Against Baxter, Where Are They Now?' – Fan's Comment "


I personally ddnt rejoice his appointment cause I feared he'd b arrogant. Bt hey chef, u can b whatever u want aa long as results show on the field of play. U seem to know what you doing. M proud to say m behind u all the way..

15 days ago in News

smo commented on "Cristiano Ronaldo Moves Up To Third In Europe's All-Time International Goalscorers List"


@Soni_JX heard enough of what, bro? N who is we? Just curious..



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